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Major George Lawrence-Brown, of the Royal Engineers, was born in Calcutta, India in 1884. In 1907 Grandpa George married Daisy Alice Anderson and 10 children were born.

The family moved from India to British East Africa, later Kenya Colony and now the Republic of Kenya where he had been granted land by the British Government under the Soldier Settlement Scheme and in 1923 settled on a 364 acre farm planting coffee and tea. George died in 1927 of black water fever in Tororo.READ MORE<<

Following the main Mombasa/Nairobi road from Mombasa are the famous Tsavo East and West National Parks covering a vast area of wilderness, home to the renowned “man eaters” and “red elephants” of Tsavo. Rhino, leopard, cheetah, buffalo, lion and much more game roam free in these unfenced parks. The vast variety of game animals, birdlife, flora and fauna all create a wildlife wilderness not to be missed. READ MORE<<